Peinture du canevas  HH

Unique templates created in the respect of the traditions


Trained in the traditional techniques of needlepoint and tapestry of low smooth (that is performed on a 'horizontal' business), Brigitte will be in turn designer and cartoonist painter.

Once the model is created, the 1st step is the realization of a cardboard.

What is than cardboard? It's sort of the 'boss' of the book, an indispensable tool. Is reproduction, usually in gouache, the reason you want to embroider: tapestry combines shape and colours by pixels. Therefore, they are delimited by lines and then painted or numbered. This cardboard is then fired a layer that will reproduce the linework on the canvas.

The drawing is then carefully applied to the black marker on the canvas, according to the layer.

Once the pattern is completely deferred, Brigitte goes to the layout color. It applies color sector by sector, keeping in mind that this painting must help future embroidery.

 For this last step, she uses a special paint made from pigments dosed in order to reproduce colours closest wool that will be used.


This handcrafted finishing makes each unique piece !