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La Route de la Laine, is, above all, a passion for an art history : the needlepoint. Brigitte, taking Les Tapisseries de la Bûcherie, offers a shop-workshop in the heart of Paris.
Take a few minutes and let you guide to discover this ancient technique.


The original idea was to create simple models and modern in order to allow as many people as possible to discover this ancient technique, while also working around historical documents in order to make the link between past and future.


Patterns designed by our designer, Brigitte, have multiple applications (tables, seats, cushions, fashion accessories,...) which stand out for their originality. It's kits to employment or tailor-made models created specifically for you and for a given use. Painted by hand, each model is unique and can, if desired, to add his own interpretation (point employee, color of wool,...).


In "A little history", you approach the history of the tapestry needle and the various steps of the creation of a model, the materials used for the embroidery and the associated colors.
You will find all our creations as well as those of the tapestries of the boy in 'collections', accessories and services. Before begin you, do not hesitate to follow one or several courses which you can find the dates and locations under 'courses '.


We wish you a pleasant visit, all in color.